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Infant and Child Nutrition

The 1000 day period refers to the time during pregnancy when a baby is developing and through the first 2 years of life. It is known that a baby’s birth weight and the nutrition they receive during this period has a significant impact on their overall long term health.  It is therefore a unique opportunity to ensure a positive impact on the health of the child.


Weaning can be both fun and challenging! It can be tricky trying to go through the many books for babies and apply this to what you and your baby are going through personally.  The weaning phase is an important time period of taste exposure and helping infants establish a taste for good healthy food and appropriate textures.  This in turn helps toddlers develop balanced eating habits and be less picky eaters.  It fosters a healthy love and enjoyment of food which optimises well being and sets children up in the best possible way to prevent long term diseases of lifestyle.


Pre and primary school nutrition…

The importance of nutrition does not stop when your baby turns 1 year old.  Ensuring your child has all the important nutrients to optimise their learning day can be challenging especially when dealing with a ‘picky’ or ‘fussy’ eater.  In addition to this, it is important to ensure your child has all the correct micronutrients to keep their immune systems functioning well to fight off the bugs they are exposed to in the early years.


Children today are often involved in many extra-mural activities and these in addition to the academic day can put extra demands on a child’s unique nutritional needs.  It is important to ensure children have the correct fuel for learning and play whether it is for a gentle playgroup or more intense extra-murals like swimming and hockey.


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