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Maternal Nutrition

Pre-natal nutrition…

The importance of health and nutrition in planning for pregnancy and throughout pregnancy has been well researched.  This is a critical time period for ensuring optimal health for mother and in turn baby so that baby has the best possible start to optimal health and wellbeing in life.


A nutritious well-balanced diet from the various food groups is important in order to make sure all the necessary micronutrients are met.   Meal planning and supplementation are important as is making sure that weight gain is appropriate in order to ensure best possible pregnancy outcomes and prevent complications associated with excess weight gain.


Post-natal nutrition…

There are many challenges women face post-natally in reaching health related goals.  Breast-feeding increases a mother’s requirements of certain nutrients.

It is important to understand your own unique nutritional requirements at each of these stages in order to achieve your own pre and postnatal nutritional goals.


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